Matrx® VMS Plus

With more functionality than ever before, the Matrx® VMS Plus provides substantial room for convenient placement of monitors and equipment. As the only company to provide a negative pressure valve, Midmark guarantees total safety by allowing air into the system if the oxygen flow is cut off to the patient. A convenient monitor and sizeable shelves keep all of your tools within easy reach whilst you work.

Matrx® VMS

Designed for use on small animals, the Matrx® VMS anaesthesia machine is a firm favourite with veterinary professional across the globe. Designed for safe, simple and controllable small animal inhalation anaesthesia, we highly recommend the Matrx® VMS for a veterinary practice dealing primarily with companion animals.

Matrx ® VME2

Sleek, stylish and featuring a chrome design, the Midmark Matrx® VME2 incorporates all veterinary anaesthesia equipment onto one post. A portable stand and 5-leg spider base makes for convenient transportation and easy mobility. Optional add-on components include shelving, a second flowmeter, a second vaporizer, an occlusion valve with safety relief and/or an emergency air intake valve.