Dental Imaging

VetPro® Digital Dental X-ray

Large icons, an easy-to-read display screen and a straightforward design make the VetPro® Digital Dental X-ray a versatile and accessible choice.

The VetPro® X-ray also features a superb no-drift arm and dual braking system, as well as a 360 degree rotational base, ensuring stability and a smooth arm movement.

VetPro® Complete Imaging System

Celebrated as the first integrated veterinary dental X-ray and digital sensor system, the VetPro® Complete Imaging System is a synthesis of technology and efficiency.

The VetPro® DR sensor provides an unmatched ultra fast transfer to your monitor via a USB connection, and provides highly detailed images at the touch of a button.

The VetPro®comes in a variety of arm lengths to suit your practice, and is also available in a versatile mobile system.

VetPro® DR Digital Sensor

The VetPro® DR Digital Sensor delivers superb soft-tissue visualisation and exceptional crown and root definition. With rounded edges for extra comfort, and Kevlar® reinforced cable for exceptional durability and strength, the VetPro® sensor is designed to withstand long, complicated procedures.

VetPro® CR Digital Dental Radiography Reader

Fast, full-featured, and easy-to-use, the affordable VetPro® CR is your perfect dental imaging solution from a name you know you can trust.

With rapid, high quality readings, the images are captured on thin, flexible phosphor imaging plates using your existing techniques and workflow. Then, just slide the plates into the centrally located reader, and in no time at all, you have high-quality digital images for immediate and accurate diagnosis.

A built-in erase function, USB connection and world renowned Progeny® software are included as standard for your total convenience and peace of mind. Minimal cleaning and maintenance allow for seamless integration into your practice.